Bitterness is typically regarded as an unpleasant element of food and drink, but it can become enjoyable or even desirable when it comes to tea. Discussing bitterness can be difficult as the word is used to describe what I see as multiple, separate topics. Sometimes, I really crave bitter teas for their dry and medicinal … Continue reading Bitterness

Tea & radical imagination

I haven’t kept up with my recent posting output and I didn’t get a Weekend Review out, but right now it feels a little ridiculous to spend time writing about tea at all. I hope you all are staying safe. I want to make it clear that this blog supports the abolition of police & … Continue reading Tea & radical imagination

A tea briefer, part one

I’d like to work on building up educational content on this blog over time. There is a wealth of information about Chinese tea online, but it is spread across innumerable blogs, forum threads and YouTube channels. It’s good to have many different sources of information to give a sense of the full range of opinions … Continue reading A tea briefer, part one

“Chinese tea ceremony”

Gongfucha is often described as a “tea ceremony”. The most elaborate setups include aroma cups just for sniffing and warm every piece of teaware with hot water prior to the two or three rinses of the tea. After washing, rinsing, swishing and sniffing, it might be time to taste the tea. This process can be … Continue reading “Chinese tea ceremony”

Puer theories

Depending on who you listen to, you may end up with all sorts of different theories about puer. There are the elite ‘old tea’ guard who refuse to drink sheng younger than 15 years or who meticulously track certain vintages of Chinese factory productions. For these folks, the theory of puer tends to lean toward … Continue reading Puer theories

How did I end up here?

I came into my tea habit gradually. I started drinking coffee relatively young partly due to my dad’s pot-a-day consumption (over the years I realized he brewed his coffee quite weak in order to allow for 6-8 cups a day. His consumption has slowed down a bit in recent years which is probably for the … Continue reading How did I end up here?

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