How to spend a $600 stimulus check

Happy new year! I hope you have all been staying safe out there. Maybe staying in has allowed you more time to drink tea. In the US, the government has decided to send out one-time $600 stimulus checks to certain citizens to cover the economic strain of the past 8 months since the last (and first) stimulus package. Many puer drinkers have likely already charged the full amount to their credit cards in anticipation. However, for the discerning tea buyer, it may be hard to plan the best way to spend such a generous handout. Here are some ideas.

  1. 923 White2tea Prosbloom Mini Shou Puer Balls
    White2tea has been leading the mini game lately, and the Prosbloom shou puer ball is one of the most affordable options. You can now afford to order almost a thousand of these balls (a respectable 6.4 kilos of tea) thanks to Mitch & Nancy’s generosity. They are great for drinking, of course, but you can also throw a handful of them on the ground like marbles to trip your enemies.

  2. 18 500g Haiwan Ripe Puer Cakes
    If you want bang for your buck, you can get 9 kilograms of shou puer from Yunnan Sourcing. This is also a great option if you need 2021 birthday gifts for 17 people in your life.

  3. 1 2001 Fuhai Green Cake
    If you prefer to invest your check all in one cake, Sunsing Tea in Hong Kong features many sought-after old puer cakes that are ready to pound your wallet. The 2001 Fuhai Green will use up most of your $600, with some to spare for shipping. A purchase like this is excellent for impressing people on the internet you will never meet.

  4. 300 Melon Mesh Pot Mats
    You may have recently realized that while your teaware collection has grown to a respectable size, your teapots, pets and pitchers don’t have the ergonomic seating they deserve. Not to worry. Bitterleaf has you covered with all-natural cushions for teapots big and small. A stimulus-sized pack should do the trick.

  5. An authentic Japanese tetsubin kettle
    If you find that your electric kettle is a little too convenient and would prefer it be much heavier and require an external heat source – a tetsubin maybe just what you’re looking for. Join the tetsu-gang and infuse your water with the magical qualities of Japanese cast iron. Shot put athletes may also be able to use this kettle for self-defense purposes.

I hope these ideas have provided some inspiration. We can predict that the next stimulus package will only feature $300 direct checks to account for airline bailouts, military contractors and corporate tax credits, so make sure to plan your next purchase accordingly.


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